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Paul is a lifelong resident of Bay County. Paul Graduated from Valley Lutheran High School (Saginaw) in 1997. Following this he attended Delta College and earned his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice by graduating from the Northeastern Regional Police Academy in 2001. Upon graduation from the Police Academy Paul was sworn in and worked as a Patrol Officer for the Vassar Police Department. After years on the Department, Paul then left Vassar to pursue his career in the Family Business and also became a Private Contractor. After doing this for several years, he re-entered the law enforcement field as a Fugitive Recovery Agent. Paul currently lives in Bay City with his wife Carla. Paul and Carla are both firearm enthusiasts and are both Pro 2nd Amendment supporters. Both on the Department and off, Paul has received extensive training in firearm, weapon and survival skills, as well as auxiliary tactical and combat training and instruction. His knowledge, learned skills and personal accounts, collectively bring over 20 years of real-world experience, all of which he now shares with his students. Paul is currently a NRA Certified Firearm Instructor and Range Safety Officer. Paul has been a hunter and shooter since the age of 13 and brings years of experience and training to the D.O. Tactical Team.

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